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    “I help bright individuals and leaders in business, competitive sports and show business rapidly and powerfully improve performance, reduce fear, get fully focused, gain peace and certainty and generate extraordinary results putting the sparkle back in their eyes!”

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My story

12644972_10153486799934702_4354032504791476600_n1“If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking.” – General George Patton Jr –

Hi, Thanks for stopping by!

My background

I have been very blessed and fortunate in life to have met and directly learned from many great teachers and incredible Masters. Their fields of activity range from business tycoons to spiritual leaders, world class musicians to martial art prodigies, healing wizards to Navy commanders to name but a few.

I was raised in a cosmopolitan family with two brothers, my mother being Swedish and father English. For the most part of my youth we lived in Belgium, on the Walloon/Flemish border and I was educated in French.

At home we spoke a mix of French and English (we call this Franglais), and the occasional Swedish when our mother got annoyed. At school we spoke French and learned Dutch and German. In the evening with local friends we spoke Flemish! Nowadays I think mostly in English and French.

I appreciate having learned these different languages for the cultural exposure and different thinking styles that it has given me access to.

How my career started

My business career started in the Belgian Navy, and at 19 progressed into a very successful 10 year career in the Fast Food Industry. I started off working for a great family owned company in Oregon, USA as a staff- member cleaning tables looking to pay my way travelling across America. However my plans changed when on a Thursday afternoon the Director of Operations came to the restaurant and asked me: “Johan, when will you be ready to join the management training programme?” I was very taken aback as I had no idea he would ask me this, but quickly replied: “8 o’clock Monday morning, sir!” And that was the beginning of my management career. 6 months later they promoted me to restaurant manager with 45 staff. I was 19.

At 21 I was responsible for the busiest fast food restaurant in the world at the time (in the Fast Food Hamburger Restaurant business in London). At 24 I was promoted to district manager and a couple of years later I progressed towards being responsible for Franchise Operations for the very busy London region: 36 high volume restaurants. In my highest volume store we served 250.000 customers in one month. It still remains a record to this day!

I was later headhunted into the Video Rental business where I ran the Operations of a chain of 140 stores.

Seeking more freedom and independence, I later set myself up as a consultant to the retail industry. This broadened my business knowledge and experience and took me into many industries besides catering and retail, both in the UK and abroad.

Why I became a Mentor

One summer day a director of a Swedish company  I was helping asked me how I became the person I was, referring to my leadership style, high level of motivation and track record of effectiveness.

I told him it was the result of many years of good training and performance. He replied: “could you please teach me?” I told him his boss was not paying me to do that. He replied: “I will pay you out of my own pocket”. After a few short weeks of working together, his commitment, passion and performance soared beyond belief. I got real excited!  And thus began my private mentoring career.

In my off time

Activities I enjoy during my “off” time are cooking, martial arts, Zen practice and travel. Over the past few years I have enjoyed some very happy and interesting trips to California, Arizona, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and Belgium.

These trips always end up being a great mix of tourism, cultural discovery, relaxation and rejuvenation as well as meeting friends old and new, work, research and learning. This year too has some rather exciting trips in store including a cruise in the Mediterranean visiting most of the Antiquity sites I studied at school but had never seen, and a trip to the West Coast and South West USA.


My success in business, and to a large degree in life, has been in my ability to follow strong leaders, learn from them and pass the skills and messages on to key individuals and teams and follow through to “victory”. That’s what I continue to do as a Mentor to individuals  and as a Consultant to organisations.

What  I do

I help bright individuals get absolute clarity on what they are meant to be doing, step into their true power and get to places in their life/career/sport that they did not think were possible.

Who benefits most from my help?

1. You are high flyer who is deeply frustrated because you have dropped altitude and are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You remember the good times and yearn to get back. You are somewhat unsure of what is required. You may even be considering a change of focus or even a change of career.

2. You are a winner who is seeking to soar to yet higher altitudes. You are probably faced with big goals and desire to speed up the journey. You aspire to get on track fast and to generate new, greater extraordinary outcomes.

3. You feel stuck, you have resorted to “playing safe”, you feel generally unfulfilled, your results remain average, you experience little freedom.  You are more often than not stopped from expressing your true power. Tired of continually living this way, yet you are not ready to resign yourself to stagnation and are finally ready to move forward…

You  may well have previously done other courses and programmes but felt that they never quite got to the root problem, and thus nothing really changed.

4. You are a business leader or owner “spinning their wheels”, working hard but not reaching desired goals and results. You seem to take two steps forward and then one step back. Tired, frustrated, often in a hurry, but never really getting anywhere positive… Talent not fully exploited, money probably left on the table…

5. You are business leader or owner who is not fulfilled in their current position and considering a move to another organization. If you could you would probably reinvent your career altogether. You appear to have been stuck in the same place for a long time and don’t seem to be a happy camper! Or you may simply be at a crossroads in your career and you want to speed up the whole process, wanting your next move to be the right one.

6. You are a successful business leader or owner who is feeling insufficiently fulfilled in life: the business runs you, and it’s time to get your life back!

7. You are a retired sports champion struggling to transfer the same levels of success into your business/ new career.

8. You’re an entertainer, singer or actor frustrated because your career seems to have peaked although you know they have better in you. You are tired of the “yoyo” ride and want the magic back. You might also be exasperated at seeing artists with less talent achieve more success and money than you.

8. You are a high performer in business who wants to expand faster and realizes that you might need outside support to get there.

9. You are a high performer in sports who wants to increase your odds of securing first place.

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