Fear of failure: is it real?

Fear of failure: a common chronic disease that can paralyse entrepreneurs, aspiring sports champions and professionals alike. Interestingly, fear of success can have a similar if […]

Repetition is the mother of learning!

This is a phrase that my ju-jitsu instructor used a lot. And he was right! Anyone who has reached a respectable level of skill in their […]

Why New Year resolutions don't work

With the New Year now upon us, many of us will have made New Year resolutions. And for good reason: we are not entirely happy with how […]

To find yourself is to lose yourself

To know our true self, we must cease to identify with the illusory identity which feels seperate from the whole under the survival instincts fed by […]

The main thing

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing! Take 30 seconds to answer the following 4 questions: What is my purpose? What […]

Pearl divers and the agitated mind

Our agitated mind too often prevents us from realising our true potential. But rather than calming the agitation, when life gets tough, we tend to turn even more […]

Slow down to get faster results

At a sales training class I attended last week, the instructor said: “slow down to speed up the sale”. I noticed the look of confusion on some […]

Which dog are you feeding?

Following the succesful release of his book, an American Indian Elder was interviewed on TV. The TV reporter expressed how impressed he was with the Elders […]

Stress is good for you!?

Stress is good for you!? I often hear people say “stress is good for you. It stretches you and helps you get more done, helps you […]